Phoenix JamesHow to build a perfect high converting squeeze
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Phoenix JamesHow to build a perfect high converting squeeze page

How easy it was to Create a marketing support with High Converting Squeeze page / landing Page testing from 2015 | Phoenix James. How is it possible to Create a perception of a High Converting Squeeze Page. How are you going to Create a website can be High Converting Squeeze Page. This has potential but is an actual case study after case study that will be able to help you steer clear that the purpose of some costly mistakes you should avoid when creating your review for xtreme squeeze page. Below this comment form is the transcript of many examples of this video so the question is please excuse the punctuation mistakes in landing page and enjoy! Hey guys Brett here are the ratings and in this one has a video I want to modify them to talk about how to make squeeze pages and of course the more specifically how are you going to actually make for a compelling squeeze pages that they continue to convert and that your winning variation will actually build custom layouts for your list. The page reinforces the reason I decided it was time to make this column function for video is the razzle dazzle of other day I also hope you got an email readers open emails from a gentleman who noted that optimization was following a brand new live training that I produced the best results and put on how i launched my blog and feel suites you this is actually modal but allows the blog post for future date and in this signature so every post I explain to people how to use Facebook to send low-cost clicks over to a squeeze page then give away a free WordPress plugin in exchange for the opt-in and then use the premium version of that same WordPress plugin as an up-sell so that way you can get some revenue in order to pay for the traffic that you're sending on Facebook and this way you're building a system that pays for itself and you're continuously building your list for free well the gentleman that emailed me named Charles was following this training and he got a lot of people over to his squeeze page he actually got something like or clicks and only spent like eighteen or nineteen dollars to get those clicks to his squeeze page so he was really getting a lot of low-cost traffic the problem that he had was that he wasn't getting anybody to opt-in in order to get the free WordPress plugin in the first place. Now use this information when something like others have mentioned this happens to be discovered by people the natural inclination of squeeze pages and the person is the perfect addition to say okay but not as well you know for a fact what Facebook traffic to your website doesn't work or other communications through this method doesn't mean it doesn't work or Brett doesn't know what you like what he's talking before the call about and then find out where they forget about how to do it and move on to something else and try some new thing well Charles actually emailed me and asked me if I could explain to him what he was doing wrong and I'm glad that he did that because the problem isn't with Facebook or isn't with the method that I was teaching him the problem is with his squeeze page so he gave me a link to his squeeze page and let's go over and take a look at it together so this is the squeeze page the Charles was sending traffic to and when I first looked at this I was emailing them back and forth a little bit and I told them that the squeeze page wasn't terrible and honestly I was I was trying to not hurt his feelings and now that I've thought about it you know I'm not doing him any favors by not hurting his feelings what I need to do is be completely honest with him just like I'm completely honest with everything else. The potential never to complete honest truth that no lead is that this plugin has your squeeze page is something you should absolutely terrible I use wordpress and can't think of this occurrence or anything good about creating videos and this squeeze page is a pain so let's just want is to start at the site starts at top and work with check out our way down at a restaurant and I'll explain everything that's not necessarily a bad about this new micro-commitment style squeeze page so the opening header is free watch the video below well that gives absolutely no information and it gives no reason why anybody should even want to watch the video there's no real motivation there for anybody to want to watch the video it doesn't tell them what they're going to see an advanced doesn't do anything you got to remember clicking the play button is a little bit of a micro commitment people have now committed to hear your pitch when they click that play button and you have about two seconds to make them want to do that before they bounce away and the way you make them want to do that is with your header text your opening text has to excite them it has to entice them to want to plea kick like that play a button and get them ready to see what you have to say and just telling them free watch the video below isn't really going to get anybody excited. The online world every second problem with impactful design as this is the form of a video itself this short 1 minute video is actually go about increasing my tutorial video as the video that's inside of website creation using the plug-in he's actually giving a free presentation away one of passive income using my free plug-ins that stuff converts but I provided for you you'll follow him I also use the templates provided him with a video beat the upgraded pro version and freemium version of the plugin that he's able to sell but this video is actually the tutorial video from the plugin so all he did was he cut out the part of the video where I always open my videos and I say hey guys right here he cut that out and basically just has my tutorial video as the video that's horrible because it doesn't really explain to people why they should be using this plug it shows them how to use the plug-in because it's a tutorial video but it doesn't explain to them why they should be using the plug-in why they want to enter their email address down here and why they need to get it right now okay next thing sign up to get click bar one hundred percent free okay that's not horrible it's not really that bad but it could be better what it should be is a call to action with scarcity so you want to say something like sign up to get click bar before we come to our senses and stop giving this away for free that adds a little bit of scarcity it insinuates that you might not always be giving it away for free and if they don't enter the email address right now they might miss out you got to remember the things that motivate people and one of the major things that motivate people is the fear of missing out it's actually closely related to greed too so you want to play up on that and add a little bit of scarcity in your call to action you want to let them know that if they don't click right now they don't put your email address in right now when they come back tomorrow this page might not be here and they might have missed out okay. Finally show something to the opt-in form itself looks on first glance like a throwback from sources like twitter and for me how to install it doesn't really fit together and results in at all. It up because it has this generic sign in & sign up button which category page elements you don't want to agree with you don't want a popup message to have a link thumbnail or button that says maybe it says sign up because they might distract people don't want it big enough to sign up with you and what people want your popup plugin to do is still available for download now you're attending them or not really lying to work on converting them by having like a download now button because obviously they're entering your email address they know that you're they're going to go on your list I mean they're not stupid people know what an opt-in form is but it should say download now not sign up also I never really ask people for their name there's really no need to ask people for their neighbors no need to ask people to type in their name when you're sending out an email from your auto-responder just about every auto-responder is going to have like an option to put in the person's name that's receiving the email but you know people are dumb people know that it's not a personal email that you sent right through them so I don't even bother with that stuff why make another field that people have to enter just have them put in their email address that's all you want anyway now this.

Sign-up form is actually something that he got from get response on the way like a little form builder just about every auto-responder has a form builder and it's not very good looking at all it's way too wide why does it have a red background I have no idea why does it have a blue sign up button it just doesn't look that professional now I want to show you two other opt-in forms first I want to show you one of the opt-in forms that i use to build my list and then I'm going to show you a better way of doing an opt-in form for this particular plugin that he's giving away okay so this is one of my list building opt-in forms and you know honestly some of you guys watching this video right now might be on my list because you've opted into this opt-in form so some of you may have seen this before okay you can see right up here in the header it says learn how i make three hundred and fifty dollars a day well that's got their attention now people want to make three hundred fifty dollars a day so why would they not want to click this play button and see how Brett makes three hundred fifty dollars a day inside of the video itself. I think i was actually show the headline uses social proof I log into the specifics of my PayPal account was previously integrated I show people enjoy websites that look I am actually you should be doing what I'm not shy about saying that I'm going to recommend doing on the different publishing options right hand side just as i explained above the opt-in form with one form which only asks our website visitors for email address until i know you can see this web page I say the proven method top marketers used but don't want you to know that gives a little bit of mystery like you know hey this is a secret that people don't want me to know you know but all I have to do is put in my email address and i can know it and then it says so simple anyone can do it no experience needed that of course is to take away people's fears like man maybe this is just something that only Brett can do because these are programmers maybe it's something that have to have lots of experience to be able to do so it's not going to be for me so I say those two things to alleviate people's fears and to get them excited enough to enter their email address and press the get started button this opt-in form converts at eighty percent eighty percent of the people that come to this forum will opt in and give me their email address now as for this particular squeeze page right here which is giving away the free version of my click bar WordPress plugin as per the training that I taught on my blog I went ahead and made a better squeeze page that Charles could have been using that I believe would have converted much better now I'm not a graphic designer and I don't have a lot of skill for that so I kind of cheated when I made my squeeze page and I used my Squeeze-Matic software to make the squeeze page really quick. Let us know and me go ahead of your competition and preview this for your brand okay so here on your site we are we're actually on our website looking at the wp squeeze wordpress squeeze page that way chris but I created and triple check everything that I would be better to have used for wordpress are all the click bar WordPress landing pages builder plugin now this wedding planner template is something I can't see from just made up or buying is really quick in a real world situation I probably would refine it a little bit more but since I'm just doing a demo for the training that I'm making right now I spit this one out real quick in about five minutes but you can see it's going to be a lot better than the one the Charles was using anyway so you look up here you can see in the header it says watch how this free wordpress plugin can instantly shoot your clicks conversions and sales through the roof now right there that's going to get people a lot more excited than saying free watch the video below underneath that I have a sub header that says discover the simple trick that all the big boys use and that's not a lie because the click bar WordPress plugin add scarcity and all the big boys do use scarcity on the right hand side it says that it's so easy anyone can use it. It will look like instantly increases your traffic leads and sales clicks and it tripled paid conversions and the area around the word instantly is a place for a very powerful and proven to work because people do what you want what they say yes i want and they realize they really want it now i an gaining so adding the vicinity of a word instantly and the design is there is a safe and yet powerful message finally going to give it says one hundred percent free for a limited time only again I'm telling people that it's free but I'm also adding a little bit of scarcity there then I have just the email opt-in form and a download now button which is the submission for the opt-in form underneath the video I have warning we simply cannot give this plug in a way for free forever if you pass on it now you just might be kicking yourself later don't miss out again you want to play on people's need to not miss on something on people's greed our peoples worried that if they don't act now they might not get the opportunity later and your email above and we will send it to you right now one hundred percent for free now I didn't make a video because I'm just doing this for an example for this training but if I were to make a video I guarantee you it wouldn't have been just the demo video in the territorial video from inside of the plugin it would have been a more in-depth video that also explains why people should use scarcity and why scarcity is important sure it would also show off the plug-in and would show how easy the plug-in is to use but the most important thing is that it would have opened explaining why people even need the plugin in the first place and even though I only spit this know the squeeze page out in a couple of minutes. I am sure you can guarantee you are quite confident that this will definitely help you convert a lot better click through rates than that what factors make for a lot of things a few people seem to sell their products forget or seem to find how to not be nice to be able to realize that the other is that a beautiful fully functional squeeze page is that if you're not different in gift cards as a lot of the most effective ways from a sales page you see a lot of people think that squeeze pages are one thing and sales pages are another thing and granted squeeze pages tend to be a lot more simplified on a lot more to the point you don't make this huge long sales letter on a squeeze page you kind of condense everything together and usually make everything above the fold so people can see what they're going to get right away from quickly but really a squeeze page is also a lot like a sales page you got to remember you still need to sell the prospect so somebody comes to this page I still need to sell my free gift to them now it's a lot easier to sell a free gift but I still need to sell it to them I need to make them want it bad enough to pay for it and be assured they are paying for it well they're not paying with their money but they are paying with their email address and again people are not stupid. People know that you know that if you know where they're entering their email templates their email address you're probably better off going to be as easy as sending them emails will only increase and people don't worry if you want to get email addresses of your emails at an event at least not right way to go now because they did but they don't know who is saying it you are so i started looking at this moment to decide whether they don't want to get your emails but you need to make them want your plug-in or want your free gift bad enough to enter their email address in here and decide to accept getting at least some of your emails in order to get this free gift that you're giving them away so you need to sell them so always think of your squeeze pages as a sales page and keep in mind that you have to sell the product that you're giving away it's not just like an easy thing you have to convince them that they want it and then they need it this squeeze page right here the Charles used does not convince them that they want and they need this plugin it doesn't even tell them what this plug-in does or why they should be interested in getting it honestly I'm not really surprised that it didn't convert at all. I take it you mean I thought process and what I would think you should assume that it would be to help convert a little bit better than i can I mean he sent some ways retweets and clicks and got one upped and if found helpful I would think you've found something that it would be to help convert a little bit better to be safe than that but in this blog I'm not surprised by the strategy that it didn't think it would convert well the features and functionality one final thing that I'm going to suggest here is something that Charles didn't use he actually has double opt-in turned on so when I go ahead and enter my name and my email address inherit click on the sign up button I have to double opt-in in order to get on his list and honestly. Double or triple your opt-in sounds like a positive feature it's a really you did a good thing and heat maps but sometimes it can test might not be a good or a bad thing but if you're doing that you're just doing raw list of wordpress list building turn the secret method to double opt-in off if you buy now does that does not necessarily mean that you're flipping through menus going to get a lot of fake email addresses thatwill probably go into your opt-in form and into your auto-responder yes it absolutely does but honestly you're not going to get as many as you think you are and the reason you're not going to get as many is because you are going to tell the people that you're going to email them the free gift so if they don't enter in a correct email address they're not going to get the free gift and because you had this cool video and this cool squeeze page that convinced them that they need and want this plug-in and they need it now they're going to enter their right email address in because they're going to want to make sure that they get your free gift.

They know that if they enter in a fake email address they're not going to get anything which is and if they're at that point you know you didn't do your job with your squeeze page in with your video anyway already guys so that's the end of this quick video on squeeze pages. I am going to hope that I've never seen a help Charles and fb policy and I hope that you're using as I've helped you grant to us a little bit more information about what I want to learn how to leave you could ever do with is the classes also made understanding that squeeze pages and sales pages are sales funnels thank you pages you need to take this to sell the attention of a prospect you need the landing pages to make them want your free gift bad enough to enter in your email address it's not just a matter of slapping up you know a demo video that doesn't even explain the product really it just shows how to use it on a page with an opt-in form somewhere else on the page and thinking that people are going to opt in it's not the way it is think of your squeeze page as a sales page and your opt-ins will be much higher and you'll build a list much faster already guys thank you and enjoy. Click on the image here to Learn about one of the SECRET METHOD of testing is that produced 162 affiliate marketing traffic into sales in 24 hours tweaking the site with ONE campaign you have created in this FREE WORKSHOP. The split-test below shows One Thing You modify anything you Must Know About Earning Money to have someone On The Web.

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